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Pop-up ART exhibits to trigger conversation & civic action

About CETE

Created Equal Trigger Events, launched in June 2014, delivers pop up ART exhibits designed around specific themes to trigger audiences into conversations and civic action. According to new research, community arts programs are said to improve societies or “build social capital by boosting individuals’ ability and motivation to be civically engaged.” Created Equal Trigger Exhibits is designed around this guiding principle.

This is accomplished through:

Creating a space that brings diverse people together to engage in a constructive social activity;

Fostering and increasing trust in each other;

Providing an effective experience of civic engagement, which triggers participants to further collective action; and

Increasing our sense of connection to our community while increasing the scope of our social network.

Our exhibits generate many thought-provoking discussions and unique outcomes. The inaugural event, focused on The American Dream. Subsequent events focused on voting, education, success, and diversity.

Support Conversation & Civic Action

Go Fund MeDo you ever wonder where the money comes from to create events like this? It comes from organizations like ours with your support. Every exhibit we present we use that money to pay for a venue, artists’ talent, and supplies for you and others to use to create a meaningful and useful experience.   Our exhibits generate many thought-provoking discussions and unique outcomes.

So how do we get the funds we use? That’s easy – through the financial support of people like you. As a loyal member of our community, we know you support the building of trust, connection and engagement.  Would you help us further our efforts with a donation of $50 or more? With this donation, you will help finance an event that moves, touches and inspires people of all ages and backgrounds.